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At Amwell we are proud to stock some of the best quality fish anywhere in England. A long time ago we made a pledge to our customers, to supply the best as we wouldn't want second best ourselves. Our buyers have spent a long time working with and searching for the best fish stocks.

We only deal with suppliers that we have visited and spent time with, making sure their standards meet our stringent expectations. Over 90% of our stock comes from European breeders, that we have working relationships with. All our fish are health checked so they are disease and deformation free. We try to transport our fish in the shortest distance, thus reducing stress and environmental impact.

We do offer some wild stock; this is mainly for the professional breeders as sometimes new bloodlines are required. When the new fish arrive at Amwell Aquatics they go through a long resting and quarantine process before going on sale.

Please contact us for current stock lists and availability as it changes from week to week.

Fish Classification System

At Amwell Aquatics we offer an easy labelling guide to mixing availability for tropical species.

Blue - Stays small and is an ideal community fish.
Yellow - Medium sized fish for the larger community tank.
Red - Aggressive or grows large. Also specialist feeding care.
Fish List

Tropical Fish List

For our latest stock lists please see our facebook pages: Amwell Aquatics Epping @Amwellepping ... Read More
Fish List

Rift Valley Cichlids

At Amwell we offer a massive range of Malawi and Tanganykan species. All the species we can offer are F1 and not be... Read More
Fish List

Swordtails - Xiphophorous helleri

We are offering the new super coloured koi swordtails from our best European breeders. Too many new colours to list... Read More
Fish List

Discus - Symphosodum sp.

We have gone to long lengths to bring you the new Dragon Discus and the rare Snow. At the present we have limited b... Read More
Fish List

Coffee bean tetra - Hypressobrycon takassae

We have made a conscious effort to find a European breeder of this rare but extremely beautiful West African tetra, a be... Read More
Fish List

Arowana/Dragon Fish - Sclerophages/Osteoglossum

We have an extensive collection of Arowana/Dragon Fish from the Orinoco Blue Arowana to Blue Based Golden Crossback plea... Read More
Fish List

Tiger Fish - Datnoides microlepis, Datnoides unidecimaculatus, sp. Papau

We offer some of the best quality tiger fish on the market. A highly prized tropical fish that is suitable for the ... Read More
Fish List

Gouramis - Colisa sp., Triogaster sp., Helostrora sp.

We specialise in the smaller growing varieties. We can offer gold, opaline, 3 spot, lace, lavender, kissing, thick ... Read More
Fish List


These are probably our best selling tropical fish. They can be found in a range of colours, too many colours to lis... Read More
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